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Eat Dessert Burn Fat
CEO & Owner
Crosby Tailor Wehr is a renowned herbalist, celebrity chef, nutritional expert/consultant and Wilhelmina model. He manifested his bliss through baking, and after tasting one of his ketogenic cookies, you'll be inspired to manifest yours too.

After a four-year apprenticeship at Dragon Herbs, a quick culinary course at Erewhons tonic bar building delicious sugar free superfood ice creams and signature puddings, and studying the art of rebuilding the body through bioterrain assessments and longevity protocols, Crosby has unearthed the secret to baking delectable sugar-free desserts that burn fat, boost brain activity, and regulate your hormones and cortisol levels. His ingredients are beyond organic and Bulletproof®, but not at all what you would find in a traditional chef's kitchen. From using grass fed colostrum to Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Brain Octane Oil, Crosby takes us back to the inherent pleasures that abounded before refined sugar took over.